The Fitting Room Diaries – Chapter 1

Welcome to the Fitting Room Diaries. A collection of pictures of me trying on a bunch of clothes in different fitting rooms.

Our first destination, H&M.

As the temperature is dropping, I’ve been on the hunt for a decent winter jumper that’s not only going to keep me warm but that looks nice too and luckily for me I found it and fell in love with it. I have the worst habit (my mum says it’s a bad habit, I just tell her it’s fashun mum) of buying everything in black so, I was glad that I found something that wasn’t black or should I say my mum was glad. I’m a sucker for a turtle neck especially in the winter because then you don’t have to worry about wearing the thick ass scarves.

I decided to pair the jumper with some high waisted leather trousers. I dont know why but I’ve always wanted leather trousers but I’ve been so reluctant to buy them. This is because I always remember that episode in Friends, the one where Ross wears leather pants and takes an eternity trying to pull them up his legs. I just picture that and think naa let’s not but I saw them and thought why not and thankfully trying them on  wasn’t anything like the way Ross did it!

To finish the look, I added a grey checked blazer to make it look a little more smart but I guess you could wear any form of outerwear such as a long black coat and it would still look good. I literally fell in love with this outfit and did not want to take it off, I took that many pictures it was hard trying to choose which one’s to use for this post.

Love how my right arm is completely non-existent in all them pictures also shoutout to the woman’s foot in the second photo, she really wanted to make it onto the blog!




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