Chunky Belt & Teddy Bear Coat

How has the British weather gone from 10 to -10 degrees within a month! Anyway, a change in weather = (white chicks voice) SHOPPING!!!!

Teddy bear coat’s have been popping up on my timeline for some time now and with all the German Christmas market trips planned, it just seemed fitting to buy one. So I went straight onto ASOS and ordered this lush brown one along with the dress i’m wearing, which was an impulse buy but in my defence it was 40% off, so I had to.

So here I am looking all snug and shit ready to go to the Christmas market but did that happen? No, because apparently everyone goes in the first week of it opening. Me and my friends walked in saw how busy it was and walked straight out.

Instead, we went to eat and shopped for one too many hours. With it being christmas in a few weeks, Trinity Leeds have the Kissmas Spectacular on hence the big christmas tree and the Pucker up Leeds swing. Obviously, I got a picture on the swing like everybody else because i’m basic.

Ok, let’s actually talk about the clothes now. If you know me then you know I very rarely wear dresses, so I thought i’d switch it up a bit. I wore a long sleeve white top underneath the spaghetti strap black dress. I tried on the dress when it came and it didn’t look right so I added this chunky belt on top and which completed the look. Rummaged through my cupboard and found these knee high socks to wear on top of my tights because it’s England, it’s cold and for or the grand finale, the Teddy Bear Coat. This coat is a literal god send, I can’t remember being cold this day at all and it’s all because of the coat. If you haven’t got one already, I totally recommend you buy one ASAP and the one i’m wearing is actually on sale right now!!

Shoutout to my amazing photographers, Hafeezah & Fatima, took us a bit of time but we got there in the end lol

Anyway, what turned into a very planned trip to Leeds ended up with us walking a lot, taking loads of pictures and blowing our money on food but it was fun and very unexpected!

And yes, I went back to the swing and took more pictures at the end of the night, it was too good of a photo opp not to!

Outfit Deets:

  • Coat – ASOS
  • Dress – ASOS
  • Belt – Shein
  • White top – Primark
  • Boots – Zara

Love, RG x

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