Walking in a Winter Wonderland

London – Day 1

After spending NYE 2018 in Qatar, we decided to head down to London for NYE 2019.

We decided to drive down instead of taking the train which meant an early start on Saturday morning which was hard considering we had gone out the night before. Sleeping in till 11am everyday for a week then having to wake up at 7am was a killer but I did it!!!!!! (That’s a major accomplishment for me btw).

We got to our hotel around 1pm but our apartment wasn’t ready so to kill time we all sat in my brother’s room and watched an episode of DON’T F**K WITH THE CATS. I had already binge watched it the day before, so you could say I was going to get bored but I was more interested the second time round. I’m telling you if you haven’t watched it already then go watch it now!!

1 episode later… We had gotten our apartment, dropped off our stuff and headed out to Hyde Park for the infamous WINTER WONDERLAND.

I think this was all our first time’s going to Winter Wonderland and dont @ me but I was genuinely so excited. Yes, even at this big age of 19, I was excited, that was until we had to queue for an hour and a half. Once we got in, my mind, as always, went straight to food and luckily it was the first stall I saw.

Winter Wonderland is essentially a place for food, rides oh and not forgetting the huge ass ferris wheel. It always seemed small to me in pictures but I can assure you it’s not!

BUT LOOK HOW CUTE THE HOT CHOCOLATE WAS!! I get that it is just hot chocolate but it was so cute and small.

My cousin and aunty had gone on a virtual reality ghost train ride (also, I swear I saw a Luka Magnotta lookalike queuing up for this ride) so made my mum, formally known as Mina, to take some pictures of me drinking the cute hot chocolate. Maybe not my best idea because of the horrible lighting but I had no other pictures from this day so guess what, i’m still gonna use them.

Attempting to get into Hyde Park Corner tube station during winter wonderland time is a rookie mistake so we thought we’d walk to Green Park station instead. So you know we’re casually walking until Mina says “this looks like Pall Mall…*5 second pause*… IT IS PALL MALL!” We walked a little further, looked left and there it was, Liz’s gaff.

I’ve only ever been to London twice before and I’ve never made it a thing to go to Buckingham palace, so I had no idea that Hyde Park was a 5 minute walk away. Don’t know who the sat nav was in this situation but who ever it was, made us walk the long way round to get to Green Park station.

As you’ll soon find out this trip wasn’t exactly planned out properly, but it was still a laugh.


Hoodie: Missguided

Leather Leggings: Missguided

Coat: Zara

Shoes: Vans

Beanie: Primark

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