Take the L & Own It

London Day 2

What was a solid plan for the day turned into an absolute farce in the end.

We planned to visit all the museums and shop in Harrods in the morning/afternoon then head to Leicester Square in the evening for food.

First stop was the Victoria Albert Museum.

Personally, I find museum’s boring, if you want to get your steps in then definitely go to a museum because that is all you end up doing, WALKING!! So you could say me, my brother and cousin (Mayya) found a few ways to entertain ourselves….

Played a little dress up and impersonated some statues, so it was pretty fun.

Obviously, i’m a professional blogger now innit so gotta get good pics for the gram LOOOOOL , but it’s kind of hard when im related to these two 

Found a Pret a Manger, had lunch, needing to kill some time we went to the science museum.

Fast forward another 2 hours and we were walking back to Harrods but had to make a quick stop at Chapati & Karak.

Right, now let me explain why I called this post ‘Take the L & Own It’.

Every time something went wrong during this trip, me and my brother would look at whoever had messed up and say ‘Major L’ . My aunty picked up on it and on this day when my brother did something wrong she said with such confidence, ‘take the L and own it’.

Anywayyyy, so we decided to go to Leicester Square for food. Before coming to London, me and my brother made a list of places where we wanted to eat. So we went to PF Changs and they had a 1 hour and 30 minute wait so we walked straight out.

Dishoom, which was on the list, was around the corner so we thought we would try there. Why we thought we would be able to eat at these spots without a reservation is beyond me? Dishoom’s queue was outside and none of us were in the mood to wait in the cold.

Referred back to the list and chose Wingstop, which was perfect because it was only 4 minutes away. As soon as we said Wingstop Mina, Mayya & my aunty pulled a look and said but we dont want chicken.

Mad doesn’t even describe it. So guess where we ended up? Pizza Hut.

They definitely took the L on this one.


Jumper: Missguided

Jeans: Primark

Coat: Zara

Boots: Zara

Beanie: Primark

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