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London Day 3

When I tell you this was the best food day, I mean damn right breathtaking, blissful, beautiful food day.

Spent the morning in Covent Garden (spent a solid 2 days calling it convent garden i dont even know why)

Look at us being all cute and candid. Mina’s photography this holiday was class, follow me on insta to see Mina in action

The good food started here with Ben’s Cookies. O M G  the BEST white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie I have ever had!!!!

Obvs when in Covent Garden you have to get the basic pics on the swing

But tweedle dum and tweedle dee had other ideas

We had made reservations at PF Changs for lunch so we went back to Leicester Station and went to M&M world to kill some time, messed about a bit then walked across the street for food.

Being deprived of PF Changs hurts my heart ngl so I was soooo ready to eat and mateeeeee did we eat

Sooo beautiful, im telling you, the food baby was real

So our next stop was Oxford Circus because Mayya wanted to check out Hamleys. Think they could have done with another floor of toys, 5 wasnt enough tbh.

After Hamley’s, we stopped at Starbucks trying to figure out what to do next.

Found out that Stax diner was in the same area so we thought we would spend the rest of the day there and Regent St is definitely not short of shops so we just spent majority of the day shopping. I forgot to bring my scarf from home so first stop was H&M to buy a nice warm scarf and I did.

I was shook at the lighting H&M lifts had, it was crazyyy.

It was finally time for Stax, genuinely was sooo excited after seeing the size of their burgers and ooft.

Walked round the corner to Kingly Court which was lit up soo nicely, it can be quite cramped so looking up to the 1st floor is hard, depending on which entrance you come in from.

It was a half an hour wait but we were definitely willing to wait and it was worth the wait.

The next few pictures will take your breath away.

*Viewer Discretion is advised*

Ironic how our burgers were called Big Stax Insanity because it was INSANEEE!!!!!

I took my coat off, tied my hair up, rolled my sleeves up and I was ready.

Mina, Mayya and my aunty all got their knives and forks out to try and eat this burger, me and my brother went straight in and it felt soooo good. I didn’t finish it all but that meant I could eat the rest tomorrow so I wasn’t complaining.

Satisfied doesn’t even describe how I felt, I was soo happy this day ngl.

Regent St at night is the most prettiest place ever with the lights lighting up the streets.


White Top: H&M

Jeans: Boohoo

Coat: Zara

 Scarf: H&M

Shoes: Vans

Beanie: Primark

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