Once & Flor-al

Spontaneous lunch date with good friends at the most prettiest spot is always a shout.

Raisah Gora

I don’t know about anybody else but going shopping on your own is so much more productive then going with friends. You get the job done in half the time and can actually look through all the clothes.

Probably the most successful shopping trip I’ve had in a while.

As I was leaving, I bumped into Hafeezah and Farihah, my two good friends from primary school, who were also going shopping and they somehow persuaded me into staying and grabbing lunch with them. I caved and stayed and i’m glad I did. Farihah had found out about a new spot called Fleur that had opened up and they were going to go try their desserts and i’m telling you it is the most prettiest place I’ve been to.

Aesthetic on another level. We had the whole bottom floor to ourselves because it had just opened up recently so it wasn’t as busy which meant we could take as many photos as we wanted and we did lol.

So I ordered profiteroles and tea and Hafeezah and Farihah got chocolate mousse and the raspberry sherbet mocktail.

You’re probably thinking yeah it looks good and it probably costs quite a bit, but does it even taste nice.

But this looked amazing, was reasonably priced and tasted even better trust me and I was in love with my cute little teapot, genuinely wanted to take it home.

I just cant get over how aesthetic and cute this place is and how close it is to us!

Disclaimer: I do not have my tea that milky, it’s what happens when you f up your boomerang :/

Ngl we didn’t eat our food until 20 mins after we got it.

But yeah, I would definitely recommend this place and we were completely stuffed afterwards.

A very successful and spontaneous trip and it was lovely catching up with old friends too xx

My leg looks a little bent but its the jeans not my leg lol


Top: Primark

Jeans: Zara

Boots: Zara

Necklace: Nominal  https://nominalx.com/collections/letters-initials/products/arabic-letter-necklace

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