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Full disclosure, my website got hacked and then suspended about 9548750458745 times (ok not exactly but we do love a bit of exagerration)

So, I lost all my posts apart from two. I had all of them backed up apart from this one but I have absolutely no idea what I wrote. So here goes…

Going to uni and getting that little extra £££ in my bank account 😉 makes it very easy for me to be persuaded to go out

I mean going out is like networking and I do marketing so thats allowed, right?

I went for an all black outfit

The current fashion trends are all about leather. Leather trousers, Leather shirts, Leather shorts, just LEATHER! As well as Satin, everywhere I look someone’s wearing something satin.

So, I combined the two and it worked! As the shirt was oversized, I used a belt to give it a little shaping and and wore a white vest top underneath, to break up the colour.

It took me sooo long to figure out what to wear and I came up with an all black outfit.

I think it takes me longer to decide what to wear then it does for me to actually get ready. Can anybody else relate or is it just me?

Q awkward encounter with the waiter whilst having my picture taken…..

Me and my friends are really competitive, especially card games. So we took a pack of Uno cards, to make the night a little bit more interesting. After ordering our desserts, we started playing Uno which was genuinely sooo much fun and very loud.

Even one of the waitresses joined in, don’t think she was meant to but I don’t think she cared.

I always feel like everything looks nice after I come back from a motive, my makeup, hair and outfit. I’m left wondering, Why could it not look this nice when I was out?

Wow I look really moody

I apologise for this lack of blog, uni is burning me out and i’m writing this at 11:59pm. But, I really hope you like it !!!!!!!


Satin shirt: Nastygal

Leather Trousers: Boohoo

Heels: New Look

Belt: Shein

Starry Choker: Zibilly

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