The Fitting Room Diaries – Chapter 2

Welcome back to the second edition of The Fitting Room Diaries.

Today’s Location: Zara


*These pictures were taken in December 2019, hence why i’m wearing a jumper*

In all honesty, I barely buy from Zara because some of their clothing is a little overpriced and i’m still on student budget so it’s a bit of a sticky one.

But I still go browse every so often and having pierced another 3 holes into my ear (see pictures below),

I thought I deserved it.


On this particular browse, I found this insanely soft jumper which was slightly over sized which gave it a loose fit look.

But the jeans take the spotlight here.

I find that grey jeans can be quite boring and hard to style because you know they’re just grey!

So when I saw these, that opinion went out the window.

They had the embroidered patterns stitched onto black net which made it stand out more.

The distressed hem of the trouser leg and just the overall rugged look of the jeans.

I always think a nice overcoat really completes a look so here I have on a square shoulder blazer.

The velvet detailing on the blazer adds even more texture to the outfit.

The simple style of the blazer counteracts with the ruggedness of the jeans which gives the outfit a little bit of an edge.

(I know the Vans don’t go but I was too lazy to rummage Zara for ones that did x)

The blazer gives the outfit a smart casual vibe.

So for a more casual look, I added this long black coat which gives it an everyday feel.

I ended up buying this coat and everyone in uni can tell you that it has been worn several times since.


The 3 piercings I had done:

I got a rook and 2 helix piercings, they look so red because they were just freshly pierced.

They didn’t hurt as much as I would have expected but by the third piercing, I was ready for it to be over.

I had them done at the Rude studios in Leeds , I always go to this studio because they are pro’s at what they do and are always so friendly.


Love RG x



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