The ‘Got Ready to go to my Living Room’ Look

Heyy guyss, hope you are all well and staying safe

It’s crazy what is happening right now, not being able to see friends and family and doing the things we love with them has been extremely hard. Despite all the negatives that has come from this pandemic, one of the things I have learnt even more is, never take anyone or anything for granted and to really cherish the time and moments you spend with your loved ones. Something I will definitely be doing more of once this is all over.

Anywayyy, in light of what is going on in the world right now, I thought I would share some of my favourite stay at home fits, to give you guys some inspo on how to stay at home comfortably. Or you could just spend all day in your pyjamas, that would be a great idea too!

The first outfit is one of my go to outfits

Plain white tee, Black trousers and a Zip up hoodie. One of the softest zip up hoodie’s I have ever bought!

Simple yet effective

That book became a very good tripod for my phone in the pictures I took after these.

Moving on, the second outfit is for when you eat a bit too much and you want to hide your food baby.

The secret to stay at home comfort is leggings. So here we have leggings and this slouchy oversized sweatshirt.

I love the colour of this top which is one of the reasons why I bought it.

oh and because it was on sale too!

The third outfit is for when your house is just that little bit too warm.

Black box t-shirt and trouser co-ord.


Easy to throw on and could sleep in this one too.

Really good to read a book in as well!! Also pree the colour coordination of the book and my conservatory decor. RGHomeInterior coming soon x

The final outfit is for when you feel like making an effort but it’s not too much of an effort.

DIY cropped hoodie and khaki loose fit tapered trousers.

The perfect way to still feel fashionable but comfortable.

All items of clothing are from Primark, apart from the black co-ord which is from Missguided. It’s currently unavailable, so I have linked a similar one

I know it feels like it’s been forever since we have been in lockdown and everybody is probably going mad sitting at home, but take this time to learn a new skill or find a new hobby.

Before you know it, everything will slowly start going back to life before quarantine, so for now hang in there!

Stay safe xx


6 thoughts on “The ‘Got Ready to go to my Living Room’ Look

  1. Love all these outfits! Thank you for the inspo, I will definitely be taking it on board. Could one of those friends you’re missing be ME?!!? 🙂

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