To all of those celebrating today

It’s crazy how Ramadhan has flown by so fast especially this last week.

With everything going on it has felt different but it was just as blessed, Alhmadulillah.

I pray that all our fasts and duas from this blessed month are accepted and we are fortunate enough to be here for next Ramadhan I.A.


 I failed on the eid dress hunt,  all the stuff I saw was either too short or had a really low neck .

Then when I did find one that I liked, it wasnt in my size.

My mum, however, found these silk kaftan tops online and ordered a few so I had a backup.

The one i’m wearing is a large size so I wore the belt with it to give the dress a bit of shaping.

I’ve noticed over the past few years that asian kaftan tops dont have as much of the detail intricate designs but instead, large aztec style prints.

The back detailing of this dress is amazing!

I wish I could pull off wearing asian but I dont and thats why I tend to always wear english dresses.

But I thought i’d switch it up this year and plus I kind of had to.

Eid started off a little rainy and gloomy so I had a little photoshoot with the sweetest photographer, Mina <3

The kaftans were sold separately so I wore it with leggings and lace up tan heels.

I hope you all had a good eid and I hope you are all in a food coma after all that biryani and samosas.




Heels: New Look

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